Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Local Link happening?

The purpose of Local Link is to identify gaps and barriers for travelers between Sugar House, South Salt Lake, Millcreek and City of Holladay, with the goal of connecting these cities together. As these cities grow, it’s important to plan for alternative, accessible ways to get around, including transit, safe bike and pedestrian options, and improvements to existing roads. This will help provide choices for everyone. With construction of major corridors scheduled within the next five years, the results of Local Link will impact those projects.

What did we learn in the circulation study?

The study engaged the public over several months in the summer and early fall of 2020. The first format was through an interactive public comment map in which members of the community could leave general or specific comments on circulation in the study area. Specific comments were tied to either points or lines that they drew on a map. Most comments pertained to safety and biking. Beyond those overarching comment tags, the three most common big ideas revolved around the need for:

  • Improved signage and wayfinding
  • Additional bicycle facilities to improve ridership and safety
  • Improved street crossing environments for pedestrians
Learn more about the recommended projects, program and polices here.

Who is involved in Local Link?

Four cities have teamed up to initiate and carry out this effort: Salt Lake City (Sugar House), South Salt Lake, Millcreek and City of Holladay, and two committees have been formed. First, representatives from multiple planning and transportation agencies are involved in the Local Link Steering Committee (Utah Transit Authority, Utah Department of Transportation, city leaders, etc.). And second, the Local Link Stakeholder Committee is comprised of local residents, business owners, property owners, developers, school administrators and volunteers.

How is Local Link being funded?

Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, South Salt Lake, Millcreek and City of Holladay are contributors and project partners.

Haven’t we studied these things before?

Local Link is building on a foundation of several transportation planning and analysis efforts. However, Local Link is the final planning effort before implementing new solutions to improve travel in and around these four cities.

What happens after Local Link?

While the circulation and transit studies are building upon years of transportation planning and analysis in the area, the Local Link team will provide recommended solutions and an implementation plan for the cities to adopt. The cities intend to make a significant investment in building the recommended solutions in the near future.

What is a transit study?

A transit study is a process for evaluating the costs, benefits and impacts of transportation improvements in an area. A transit study examines a range of routes and transportation types, and it is the first step toward gaining federal funding to implement a project. The outcome of a transit study is final recommendations.

The transit study has four stages:

  1. Project initiation

  2. Development and screening of alternatives

  3. Evaluation of alternatives

  4. Final assessment

Where are we now? Check out our timeline to learn more!

How long will Local Link last?

The effort began in summer 2020 and is planned to last through spring 2021.

How can I access the upcoming Facebook Live event?

The upcoming Local Link Facebook Live event, happening on March 24, 2021 at 11 a.m., will be hosted by @SLCGov on Facebook. Visit our Facebook Live Event page for more info.